An open Governance Ecosystem enhancing Trade on partnering E-Commerce platforms  with an Optimal Stablecoin and  tailored Smart Contracts


Distributed Ledger Technology represents the next generation of the internet. More than that, it is a technology that is built on the internet, which completes the internet revolution. The internet has given us the benefit of seamless global communication.  The more difficult things to build within the digital realm are money, contracts, organizations, and registries. These fundamental building blocks of the economy are now within digital reach.

Distributed Digital Ecosystems that will emerge on top of Distributed Ledger Technology have the potential to lower transaction costs through lower cost verification and without the need of costly third party intermediation. That suggests to us that distributed ecosystems, will improve the efficiency and scope of especially those digital markets where  opportunism is ubiquitous and  trust is low and costly to establish.

A well-functioning stable digital currency is the absolute bedrock of such a distributed ecosystem and the distributed applications that run on them. Without a solid, robust and trustworthy monetary regime, the distributed economy will not be able to create and sustain wealth.

We at Catalaxy are putting the building blocks for the new digital age together by partnering  with up and coming E-Commerce Startups in countries where trust in digital services is low and costly to establish. We work together with our E-Commerce partners by solving their currency, payment and user contracting problems. One partner at a time, we are creating a digital empire where we connect anyone and everything that wants to trade reliably at low cost.


Catalaxy aims to partner with up-and coming E-Commerce Platforms in Sub Saharan Africa. We believe our technology is able to create the most value in places where the trust in digital markets is low and costly to establish.

Catalaxy is currently testing their technology with an E-Commerce partner in Kenya.


Stable Digital Currency Board

Catalaxy designed a unique innovative stable digital currency. The currency ensures a zero inflation rate on E-Commerce platforms.  We leverage E-Commerce platform transactions to power our distributed crawling peg controlled AI algorithm. The algorithm ensures a zero inflation rate by adjusting the exchange rate between the digital stable currency and a fiat currency in real time.

Check out our white paper to see what we have in mind.

Directed Acyclic Graph Technology

DAG based Distributed Ledger Technology, has the promise to be the scalable alternative to Blockchain based Distributed Ledger Technology. DAG based chains operate without Blocks and are not held back by Block Limit and associated Block confirmation times. 

Moreover, confirmations of transactions are not probabiblistic on our DAG Chain,  as they are on Blockchains . Once a consensus has been reached about a  transaction, it cannot be reversed. A consensus is reached once enough witnesses have confirmed the transaction.

MDPoR Consensus

Our partnering E-Commerce Platforms are witnesses of our distributed ledger system.  Catalaxy’s Ecosystem consensus mechanism is called ; ‘Majority Delegated Proof of Reputation’.  

Majority refers to the fact that the majority of all witness partners have to agree to the validity of transactions ,  within entire distributed ecosystem.

Delegated indicates that E-Commerce partners that run their business model on our Distributed Ledger have the right to be a witness on Catalaxy’s Ecosystem. The right is valuable since witnesses earn transaction revenues by validating unconfirmed transactions on the network.

Proof of Reputation: Since our E-Commerce partners have their business models running on our distributed ecosystem, they have the incentive to behave properly. Otherwise they will harm their own business.


Protect your users’ Money

Catalaxy allows customers and merchants on E-Commerce platforms to be protected from inflation by allowing them, to store and use a tailor made E-Commerce Zero Inflationary Stable digital Currency.

Protect your users from Economic Turmoil

Catalaxy’s algorithmically controlled currency is designed to fit your E-Commerce Economy like a glove.  Even when the surrounding real Economy overheats or goes through a recession, Catalaxy will maintain a stable currency on your platform to protect the E-Commerce users and the economy they are a part of.

Enhanced Payment Functionalities

Our digital stable currency allows your platform users to make easy and fast purchases at low transaction costs. Distributed Applications such as Escrow Contracts will increase the trust necessary for your users to be confident in making digital contracts and purchases.   

Automated Distributed Accounting system

Reduce the cost of administration associated with monitoring , auditing and verification of user activity on the E-Commerce platform. User activity related to your E-Commerce platform is stored in a presentable fashion, while the content is immutable from any third party interference.

Easy Value Exchange

Catalaxy’s payment channel  integration, with for example Mobile Money Operators, allows your users to easily exchange value onto and off your ecosystem.

Core Team

Rutger van Bergem CEO / Founder

Monetary and governance expert with extensive experience in the design of token economies and blockchain consultancy.

Yary Ribero CTO / Co-Founder

Experienced software and blockchain engineer . Led multiple successful software projects including blockchain based projects.

Hidde van der Lijn COO /Co-Founder

Industrial designer, cyber security analyst and stroop waffel baker; he can do it all. As Hegellian negator he keeps us from getting comfortable

Taavi Tamkivi CPO / Co-Founder

Data Science, fraud detection, AML/KYC expert. Early employee at Skype and Transferwise, who has learned how to scale.

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